Citizen Dev

Citizen developers are business users with little to no coding experience who build applications with IT-approved technology.

The concept of end-users creating their own solutions is not new. However, it is a fairly new idea for organizations to understand the potential impact of empowering citizen developers with more powerful tools.

Power Platform & Citizen Dev:

Power Platform offers the following solutions for Citizen Developers / Business Users to build their use cases, automation, workflow, business apps, RPA solutions themselves using Microsoft Power Platform Low Code / No Code offerings.

  • Power Apps: Canvas Apps & Model Driven Apps
  • Power Automate: Cloud flow for workflow automation based on trigger, events and actions.

  • RPA/Power Automate Desktop:
    RPA features to automate attended and unattended tasks.
  • Power Virtual Agent/Co-Pilot Studio / Chatbot: Low code chatbot that helps to interact with users, customers with AI intelligence that provides Q/A type results, details about data that you want to retrieve by human interactions using LLM and others.
  • Power BI: Real time analytics for dashboards, reports, charts and data visualization within your apps. While Power BI is a standalone leading real-time analytics solution, citizen dev can use this to build and integrate reports to various Power Platform solutions.Citizen Dev


Data verse:

Underlying database that powers all the power platform features used by both citizen dev and pro dev. Do note that, one can use Azure SQL, Access, SharePoint and other 3rd party data sources as per your business use case.

Power Apps – Sample Reference:

Citizen Dev

Power Automate Flow: Sample Reference

Citizen Dev

Power Virtual Agent: Sample Chatbot Reference

Citizen Dev


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