Power Apps – Mobile & Web Front End

Power Apps – Mobile & Web Front End

Power Apps – Mobile & Web Front End

Mobile & Web FE Architecture:

Power Apps – Canvas and Model Driven apps are used by business via mobile device and web. IoS, Android and Windows support for apps to render content on the users device. Utilize Azure Functions for low latency processing and quick reads/writes to Azure Table Storage. Azure Power Apps and Power Automate provide out-of-box connectors for you to tap into data sources that can live anywhere, including in a 3rd-party systems.

Data is loaded from these different data sources using several Azure components:
  • Power Apps : Increase agility across your organization by rapidly building low-code apps that modernize processes and solve tough challenges.
  • Azure Functions : Accelerate and simplify application development with serverless compute
  • Power Automate : Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate—so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.
  • Azure Table Storage : A NoSQL key-value store for rapid development using massive semi-structured datasets.


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