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Open AI is a non-profit artificial intelligence research company. Our goal is to advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole, unconstrained by a need to generate financial return. Since our research is free from financial obligations, we can better focus on a positive human impact.

Difference between Microsoft Open AI & Open AI

Microsoft is one of the largest investors in Open AI and does offering Open AI services in Azure as subscriptions. The difference between Open AI and MSFT Azure Open AI are:

  • Environment – Dedicated, public, private, Gov in Azure
  • Security Boundaries with Azure Infrastructure
  • Azure Models, ML, Azure Datawarehouse available to utilize to build your AI solutions.
  • Support, security, scalability and sustainability are offered in Azure AI services.

With Open AI services, you deal with Open AI company on hosting your data and AI models and solutions and consume their services, API directly from Open AI

Open AI

Examples of the Open AI Models:

Open AI

Open AI Models:

Please be aware that Open AI regularly releases models to the market based on their research and development efforts, with new versions becoming available each month. When building your AI solutions using Open AI, be sure to check for the latest models.

Open AI

Open AI API:

Open AI provides various API’s for user to consume whilst building apps and automation capabilities. Charges are based on tokens utilized and the version of resources used.

Some examples of the Open AI API:

Open AI

Azure Open AI Service: A Quick Look

Open AI



What is a Prompt?

AI Prompt Writing (or Engineering) is the process of creating input (usually text) instructing the Generative AI to generate the desired response. In other words, prompting is the way we ask an AI to do something.

How to write AI Prompts?

  • Include details in your query to get more relevant answers.
  • Ask the model to adopt a persona.
  • Use delimiters to clearly indicate distinct parts of the input.
  • Specify the steps required to complete a task.
  • Provide examples.
  • Specify the desired length of the output.

Various Prompt Categories:

  • Code
  • Natural Language Model
  • Structured Data
  • Extract
  • Generate
  • Transform


Open AI

Open AI

When to use Azure Open AI:

Open AI

Open AI GPT Store:

Open AI is now offering GPT store where users can share and consume their GPT’s based on the business needs. Access: to have a look through at those GPT models.

Open AI Plans:

Open AI

Open AI


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