COE Dashboards – An Overview

COE Dashboards – An Overview

COE Dashboards – An Overview


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This blog is focused on list of dashboard available for governance and IT Admin rather the details into CoE tool kit. Ref youtube video on some of CoE Apps feature that I posted:

CoE Dashboard – Power BI. These are deployed post installation of COE toolkit and configured against your tenant and environments.

Dashboard Provides a holistic view with visualizations and insights into resources in your tenant: Environments, Apps, Flows, Connectors, Connections, Audit Log, Makers etc.

Telemetry from the audit log is stored from the moment you set up the CoE Starter Kit, so over time you can look back and identify trends for longer than 28 days.

COE Dashboards
COE Dashboards
COE Dashboards
Governance Dashboard:

Governance dashboard highlights governance, compliance and security insights, allows you to gain a high-level view into your adoption and provides a tech debt report of the Default environment.

COE Dashboards
COE Dashboards
COE Dashboards
Admin Planning Dashboard:

Administration Planning dashboard provides visualizations and insights into what your administration story looks like, based on your task metadata.

You can work directly with the Power BI (.pbit) file and Power BI Desktop to configure and modify the Power BI dashboard to reflect your own branding, and include or exclude visuals that you want to see in the dashboard.

COE Dashboards
COE Dashboards
COE Dashboards

Apps, Flows and ChatBot View:

For Apps, Flow and Chatbots there are Overview pages providing you with a tenant-wide overview of resources:

  • Total number of environments (and environments created this month)
  • Total number of environment makers
  • Total number of custom connectors
  • Total number of apps, app makers, and apps created this month
  • Total number of flows, flow makers, and flows created this month
  • Total number of bots, bot makers, and bots created this month

COE Dashboards
Environment Dashboard:

The Environments page shows you how many environments, environment makers, and Microsoft Dataverse instances you have.

The graphs visualize:

  • The environment creation trend by environment type
  • The number of resources per environment
  • The number of environments by type
  • Top environment creators

COE Dashboards
APPS 360 View:

The Apps page provides an overview of apps in your environment:

  • Total number of apps
  • Total number of apps created this month
  • Total number of app makers
  • Total number of canvas apps and model-driven apps
  • The number of production apps (a production app has had 50 active sessions, or active sessions by five unique users, in a month)

COE Dashboards
Cloud Flows View:

The Cloud Flows page provides an overview of flows in your environment:

  • Total number of flows
  • Total number of flows created this month
  • Total number of flow makers
  • Flow creation trends
  • Top five environments

COE Dashboards
Connections View:

The App & Flow Connections pages shows which resources and makers are using which connectors and—at a high level—which resources and makers are using premium features.

The filters on this page are:

  • Connector tier (premium or standard)
  • Connector (for example, Office 365 Users, Dataverse, Azure AD etc.)

COE Dashboards
Risk Assessment Report:

You can use the dashboard to identify overshared and overused resources or resources that use specific connectors.

Not only will you have visibility to those types of resources, you can grant yourself ownership to inspect the resource behavior and decide whether you need to take further action.

  • Identify widely shared apps/flows
  • Identify orphaned apps/flows
  • Identify implicitly shared app/flow connections

COE Dashboards


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